Our expertise create the most effective and efficient solutions technically and economically by following all the laws which organize such services, the recent worldwide standards and the most updated technologies to meet our customers’ expectations.

Treat today,
save tomorrow.
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About Us

About Us

ESWTCO is your best partner for all water services, projects and operations that you are looking forward to add. We provide our customers with the latest technology solutions based on the recent world standards and environmental laws.

Our water treatment units and the sewage treatment station solutions are appropriate for various sectors, such as Industrial, Oil and Gas, tourism, compounds, etc. ….

Our expertise developed it’s product portfolio with the most effective and efficient solutions in an affordable cost that will indeed reserve energy and lost resources which we all consider today.

Our long experience in this field insures that It is the right time for a serious look on the surrounding environment and the use of renewable/recycle resources.

Treat today, save tomorrow.