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UGN / ESWTCO (sole distributor) in Egypt

ESWTCO is representing UGN-Umwelttechnik in Egypt as a sole distributor, we provide our customers with unique and innovative solutions for odour control systems, Exhaust air purification, and gas desulphurization.
Our goal and target to deliver a clean air and odour free environment for all kind of applications, industries, and living areas.
UGN is a German Company based in Gera, it has 15 successful years specializing in the distribution of Gas desulphurization and exhaust air purification plants, filtering material, and odour control systems that they develop themselves.
Over these 15 years, they set themselves the task of providing new solutions for effective and cost efficient exhaust air purification and biogas desulphurization. 
They also take responsibility for climate protection in their company. Since 2010, they have met the requirements set out by the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement (NAThüringen). This is a voluntary agreement between the Thuringian state government and Thuringia’s industry sector, whereby they commit to use resources carefully, while rendering services towards climate and environmental protection.
UGN was awarded the quality seal “TOP-Innovator 2016” for its innovative products and services.


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